Rainwater is not only best for plants, it’s also free – free from cost and from dependence on city water for your landscape watering needs.
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  Make the most of your captured rainwater by using drip irrigation, the most efficient system for watering your plants.
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  Create your own “perfect” plant food while reducing the impact on landfills. Recycling at its very best!

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Why collect rainwater at your home?

As water supplies in many parts of the country are stressed by population growth and dwindling public water supplies due to drought, municipalities and other local water utilities are imposing ever more drastic restrictions on the use of domestic treated (tap) water for outdoor use for lawns, flower beds, vegetable gardens and other landscape areas. And the water that is available is dramatically more expensive to homeowners than in the past.

We offer a turnkey collection of proven and ingenious products that enable the average home owner to take advantage of this resource with minimal investment in time and money.

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